Creep Craft Minecraft Games


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Creep Craft Minecraft Games
  • Description
    • Though creepers and zombies are partners in attacking humans in Creep Craft Minecraft Games, they hate together since they want to own the Minecraft themselves. Besides the time they fight against Steve together, none dare to take a step into another’s area. Unfortunately, a baby mischievous creeper wants to explore zombies’ land, so he leaves his home at night. Hence, you are going to help this creeper to survive in Creep Craft Minecraft Games.

      Although he has 4 hearts, a zombie can be killed by a zombie if the zombie hits him several time. A sword should be craft from blocks taken from the wall on the left so that he can maintain his little life. Be quick at crafting the sword and be skillful at fighting with zombies!

  • Instructions
    • The Arrow Keys helps the baby creeper move in Creep Craft, and Space helps him jump. Eating meat helps him healthier. The time to craft the sword is limited, so be fast!

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