Mine Blocks 1.22.6


Mine Blocks 1.22.6 Detail

Mine Blocks 1.22.6
  • Description
    • It is high time for your creativity and hard working to be shown in Mine Blocks 1.22.6 game. The game aims to test how long you can be alive in a planet, how many tasks you can do to transform the planet, and how much happiness you can seek for your own sake here.

      Mine Blocks 1.22.6 welcomes you with many new things (e.g. mob behaviors, cookies, skeletons), and the list of new things are introduced to you in the beginning. Your sense of adventure will like this game since it has a place to feel satisfied. You can make things from blocks of plants, animals, and minerals, and you can meet weird creatures such as skeletons, zombies, or creepers.

      Don’t hesitate any longer to start your adventure at Mine Blocks 1.22.6 and start your jou
      ey to seek your true life purposes in reality too!

  • Instructions
    • Players use WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Mining

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