Mine Blocks 1-23


Mine Blocks 1-23 Detail

Mine Blocks 1-23
  • Description
    • Nurturing your creative ability is an extremely important task to reach success in life fields. Nowadays, a large number of people are interested in playing games like Mine Blocks 1.23 since they can seek a suitable environment to express and develop their creative ability and other ones (e.g. work hard, independence, wisdom).

      You express your precious traits via exploring every part of this extremely large world to collect materials by chopping and mining. Trees, flowers, pigs, or stones are having their own use in making advanced tools to support your exploring, surviving, and fighting processes.

      Basic crafting recipes are presented visually in Instructions, i.e. wooden planks, crafting tables, sticks, and pickaxes. In addition, how players farm, make a portal, and reach the Ender is given concisely.

  • Instructions
    • You move in Mine Blocks 1.23 with the support of the arrow keys. Mining and crafting are done with the mouse. Pressing H helps you see the whole list of information about Instructions from how you move to how you craft something.

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