Mine Blocks 1,24


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Mine Blocks 1,24
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    • Mine Blocks 1,24 | MInecraft Games

      If you are eager to expand your playing experiences in the series of Mine Blocks games, Mine Blocks 124 decides to say hello to you. There are some in a long list of new stuffs in this game such as Santa Hat, Bacon, Candy Cane, Snow Golem, Desert Shrub, and Trap Door. Therefore, you have more tasks to complete, and more experiences to gain.

      Like in the Instructions of other Mine Blocks game, you will find similar information in Mine Blocks 124. Among those pieces of the information, maybe the information about crafting recipes is the most important one. Visitors can play more Minecraft Games at minecraftminigamesonline.com

  • Instructions
    • Arrow Keys or WASD ones can help you move in Mine Blocks games. You press the left part of the mouse to destroy and place blocks, and craft objects. Specifically, you keep on pressing and click to the blocks you want to break in order to mine them. You combine Shift and the left part of the mouse to place a certain block.

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