Mine Blocks 1-25


Mine Blocks 1-25 Detail

Mine Blocks 1-25
  • Description
    • New improvements and features are added into Mine Blocks 1.25 promising that you are having busy and interesting time. Your target is to protect yourself and explore this land as much as you can. You need to make a lot of effort into finding enough varied resources to create sufficient things to stay safely, fight against opponents powerfully, and make wonderful buildings that none has done before. When you make a decision to rescue your creativity from any ordinary limitations, you are providing food for your creativity.

      Now, we invite you to take the first step on this land and share what you have done and achieved!

  • Instructions
    • You walk to the left, right, down, and up with arrow keys or WASD. The left mouse is used to take and break a chosen block into pieces; it is also used to place a block if the left mouse is combined with Shift.

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