Mine Blocks 1.26.5


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Mine Blocks 1.26.5
  • Description
    • Mine Blocks 1.26.5 - Minecraft Games

      What’s new in Mine Blocks 1.26.5? Well, in order to attract players’ attention, this version has added new items, such as lemons, skins, Minecarts, rainbow blocks, sticky pistons, commands, repaired bugs, and others.

      In addition to Mine Blocks 1.26.5, we have other Mine Blocks versions to serve you (Mine Blocks 1.22.6, 1.23, 1.24, and 1.25). There are always new features in every version. If you are a big fan of Mine Blocks game, you should not miss any single of them, shouldn’t you? Come, access, and play them!

  • Instructions
    • Movements: WASD or arrow keys. Usually, WASD are preferred. Up or Space is for jumping. S is also known as sneaking to assist players not falling.
      Mining, placing, and crafting blocks: You mine or place a block by holding and click.
      Quick keys: E to open the inventory, T to open task list, Q to drop items, H to open Help

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