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Mine Blocks 1.27 Free
  • Description
    • Put a cool party hat on your Minecraft character and explore this great version of Mine Mine Blocks 1.27.1! You may wonder what is new in this game. Oh, this game is a wonderful one thanks to added features. You are not worried about the bugs any longer and you have so many things to see and do in this game. Let describe several new things! First of all, worlds can be loaded and saved conveniently, so players can send and post worlds easily. Secondly, added Anvils supports players in combining, renaming, and repairing so that you can make a mighty sword like the one in your dream. Another cool feature is the new “spawnSkin” command which has the ability to produce any public skin as a mob. By the way, two added commands are Heal and Tp, and players can search skins from the game as well. Well, tons of other things are in this great update. For instance, now players fish as if they were true fishermen because of the raft which can move on water, and there are plenty of interesting stuffs relevant to fishing such as either raw or cooked fish, raw or cooked salmon, clown fish, and especially the Lure and Luck of the Sea enchantments. Importantly, the game is far smoother because of fixed bugs.

  • Instructions
    • Mine Blocks 1.27 is played with the keyboard and the mouse.

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