Mine Blocks 1.28 – Mine Blocks 1.29


Mine Blocks 1.28 – Mine Blocks 1.29 Detail

Mine Blocks 1.28 – Mine Blocks 1.29
  • Description
    • We would love to invite you to Mine Blocks 1.28 which has enough space and tools for you to build and decorate your place. What really good design comes up to you? Is it something that no humans have seen before? Produce them to prove how amazing your creativity capacity is! Furthermore, with latest added features such as commands, fixed bugs, and skins, your time promises to be great. By the way, besides Mine Blocks 1.28, our site has Mine Blocks 1.29.

      Have you ever dreamed of being an architect? Mine Blocks 1.29 sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

      What designs do you wish to produce? We are willing to give you the land called Mine Blocks 1.28 is the best version without asking for rent. You do not need to pay for this place and your time here is unlimited. You are supposed to mine blocks to craft and then put up a wide range of buildings. Dozens of bugs are fixed and cool skins are added. Hence, your time here sounds more exciting. You can play more other games with Minecraft Games Online

  • Instructions
    • Move: Arrow or WASD keys
      Mine Blocks and craft tools: the left mouse.
      Put blocks: Shift + the left mouse.

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