Mine Blocks 1.29 Zanzlanz


Mine Blocks 1.29 Zanzlanz Detail

Mine Blocks 1.29 Zanzlanz
  • Description
    • Mine Blocks 1.29 Zanzlanz is an astounding mining diversion, in light of the hair-raising Minecraft. Much like in its ancestor, you get the chance to investigate a fresh out of the box new world and begin hacking without end at it.

      You gather ressources by first extricating them from where they are. At that point, you can join them and art something new. It's typically a device or something to that effect to enable you to deal with things. Everything is pliant and can be changed to accommodate your vision of what the world ought to be. What's more, it's all in 2D! Attempt your hand at world-building, truly, with Mine Blocks!

  • Instructions
    • Use Arrow keys or WASD to move your mouse Inventory = Click and hold = Mining a block, CTRL

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