Mine Blocks 2


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Mine Blocks 2
  • Description
    • A boy has received a ticket to a dream in Mine Blocks 2 land. Players are supposed to help the boy have great memories in this dream by cutting, digging, creating, fighting, and exploring activities.

      The boy can go everywhere and do anything he wants in this enormous Mine Blocks 2. For instance, he can build a unique bridge under the ground, or any special buildings or objects from available resources (e.g. soil, wood, rock, coal). Mine Blocks 2 is big enough for you to express all of your ideas.

      Mine Blocks 2 hopes that you can recognize, develop, and then be proud of your independence and creativity. Now take advantage of the game to express all of your beautiful characteristics!

  • Instructions
    • The arrow keys are for moving, and Shift-clicking is for placing blocks. Clicking combining with holding the mouse is for mining. The mouse is for choosing inventory items.

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