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Minecraft 2D
  • Description
    • Minecraft 2D is an ideal game for stimulating creativity since you are required to break any rules. Here is your space and time, so you can put anything in it. What about a pool full of Minecraft robots in the sky?

      What about 7 super dragon balls under the ground? Millions of amazing things are waiting for you to appear in Minecraft 2D. Don’t hesitate to create funny peculiar stuff! None can predict what may happen in the future. One day maybe everything you build today that will be built in reality.

      None disturbs you in this working environment. Show your finished work to your friends or ask your friend to play at the same time to enjoy fun! We would like to thank you personally for spending time on our game site and wish you a nice day.

  • Instructions
    • - Players play Minecraft 2D with the mouse: destroy blocks by clicking at them and locate a specific block by clicking – hitting Z/X/C/V/N/M.

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