Minecraft Creeper Diamond


Minecraft Creeper Diamond Detail

Minecraft Creeper Diamond
  • Description
    • Since creepers know that Steve needs diamond to craft a powerful pickaxe, they want to take all diamond in Minecraft land before Steve. Therefore, Minecraft Creeper Diamond game requires you to help a creeper to collect all diamond in a dangerous cave safely.

      Many other creepers have failed to get diamond and never come back to home, so whether this creeper can go back home depends on you. Since creepers are so tired with humans’ appearance, they want to protect their land and live the life like before.

      The main difficulty is how to move safely and quickly in the cave as rocks are so slippery. Once he falls from a rock, lava pushes creepers to the starting point. Getting all diamond allows the creeper to reach surface. Play and prove that you can help him get over this challenge!

  • Instructions
    • Spacebar helps the creeper jump, and arrow keys help it move in Minecraft Creeper Diamond

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