Minecraft Zombie Survival


Minecraft Zombie Survival Detail

Minecraft Zombie Survival
  • Description
    • What a tough game! Minecraft Zombie Survival game is really a difficult game that you might want to try to play. How can Minecraft guy escape from hundreds of zombies?

      Now, this guy is an empty land and zombies are so eager to suck all of his blood. To survive is the biggest wish of his right now. Hey, loved players! If you are good at shooting at enemies, help him to get over this difficulty!

      The green bar at the top shows his health level. It is reduced whenever zombies hit him. Once it runs out, the game is over. He is not only trapped by such enemies like zombies in Minecraft Zombie Survival, but he is also trapped in Minecraft Avoider. Show your ability by rescue him from zombies successfully! Good luck!

  • Instructions
    • - You use WASD to help him move.
      - You use the mouse to aim and shoot at zombies.
      - Your press Enter to replay the game.

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