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  • Description
    • Skincraft - Minecraft Game Online

      What can you do in Skincraft game? Well, you can create a new Steve and send him to Minecraft land. Don’t worry if you are not confident of your designing skills! Since the game does provide with necessary colors, available body parts in PRE-MADE, and varied materials for you to select, the designing work is not a difficult task any longer. If you want to make Steve by your own hand and mind, you should select CUSTOM.

      Looking at the new Steve designed by other designers may give you some ideas to create a better Steve. Creative ability has no limitations including age, space, time, or rules. Just relaxed and choose a suitable place to get some inspiration! Then focus on your work and share the result to Minecraft fans! Hope you will have a fun hard work!

  • Instructions
    • You use the mouse to pick up a certain body part, choose a certain color or material, and decide the size and shape of Steve

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